trans·​for·​ma·​tion | \ ˌtran(t)s-fər-ˈmā-shən
Essential Meaning of transformation 

a complete or major change in someone’s or something’s appearance or form.


fu·​ture | \ ˈfyü-chər  \ proj·​ecks 
Essential Meaning of Futureprojex

people who understand that transforming a business demands more than talk, writing neatly on a whiteboard and an invisible, arms-length approach.

Whole of business change.

That’s our whole business.

What we do is combine all elements – Strategy Deployment, Technology and Digital, Transformation Culture – to your Brand and Identity – to produce the business outcomes you are looking for.

Strategy Deployment

We make it simple.
Then supercharge your team 
to make it happen.

Technology & Digital

We’ll make technology a weapon
for your business.

Transform your Culture

We take your people from the passenger seat and put them behind the wheel.

So, exactly what is business transformation?

Explaining the concept of business transformation can be like describing a cloud. 

Soft edges.  Substantial centre.  Forever moving.  Prone to changing shape on its journey.

Chris Organ, founder of Futureprojex, isn’t much for soft edges.  

“Our business is built on clarity.  We don’t talk in circles and our clients don’t want us to.  They need surety and results not tech speak.  Delivering that is not about guesswork.  We immerse ourselves in a client’s business and become part of the fabric of the organisation.  This better allows us to monitor their operations, identify challenges and next steps, and execute plans and action to progress the agenda”.

Why Futureprojex?

Futureprojex isn’t like everyone else.  We design and assemble whole-of-business designs and solutions.  What’s the point of improving one area when leaving the remainder of your organisation untouched, rendering the investment impact-less? 

Business leaders know that significant change is a multi-disciplinary undertaking.  Transformation roadmaps need to consider whole-of-business change, mitigating the well-known consequences of ignoring or leaving parts behind.  After all, transformation is all about redesigning and lifting your business to provide a new level of customer experience, a more desirable internal efficiency, that new business model, or the ability to compete.  Otherwise, it’s probably just another IT project.

Our approach is based around removing uncertainty, managing complexity and engaging the most important piece of the puzzle — your people.

Transforming an enterprise requires courage and knowledge.
Our clients have both.
At Futureprojex, we tap into these to better inform our strategy.

This world leading trial relied on the development of brand new capabilities at a scale not yet attempted by our team. Futureprojex partnered with us to undertake detailed project scoping and implementation planning and set up an ‘agile’ delivery model which included new technology development skills sets. The new operating model we established to deliver this project is still being used successfully to deliver our award winning ‘Future Networks’ innovation program.

— Brendan Hampton, Head of Network Strategy, SAPN

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